Connected Conversations

The Connected Conversations 2021-2022 season starts in September!

Most Wednesdays at 9:15 ET will feature a guest in exciting STEM fields! Please join us as we explore phenomena, the world around us, and human curiosity. The Connected Conversations series is about fostering science literacy, enthusiasm, and amplifying science voices. If you would like to be on the show please complete this form.

All @s are Twitter handles. If they are a streamer the link goes to their channel. If not it will go to a related sight with more information on what they do.

Thank you to all viewers and guests for their support and love of science.

Nicholas Mcmahill

Student interested in promoting autism awareness and teaching in schools.

Ozan Kiratli

Evolutionary ecologist doing research with drosophila. Promotes science and science understanding as a streamer.

Dr. Priyanka Kushwaha

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Studies what kind of soil microbes are present in in nutrient-limited arid and metal contaminated soils and what role do they play in providing nutrients to the plants.


Lauren Haygood

First repeat guest of the season! Always supportive and always learning. Oklahoma State University PhD student studying water quality.

Dr. Kristen Lear

Kristen is currently an Endangered Species Interventions Specialist at Bat Conservation International, where she leads a bi-national agave restoration initiative for endangered pollinating bats in the US and Mexico and leads public training events through BCI’s Bat Walk Ambassador program.


Lucas Restrepo

A third year PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, studying new ways that mitochondria get recycled from cells.


El Taco Meat

Twitch Streamer, podcaster, and scientific model maker. Also a former science teacher.

Kyren Bogolub Ph.D

Seismology induced earthquakes and geophysical methods.

Lindsey Tropf

CEO of Immersive Games the makers of the game which takes players on a journey to learn science and scientific practice.


Adam Pritchard

Assistant curator of paleontology at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. Adam has an intense interest in the early evolution of dinosaurs and the Triassic period.

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