Connected Conversations

The Connected Conversations 2020-2021 season has concluded!

Stay tuned for the 2021-2022 season.

During the 2021 school year every Wednesday I chatted with a scientist or educator about various topics with the intent to spur curiosity, knowledge, and passion in science and learning. Interested in joining in a conversation? Complete a short form to join the fun!

All @s are Twitter handles. If they are a streamer the link goes to their channel. If not it will go to a related sight with more information on what they do.

Dr. Berry

Co-founder of #blackinengineering and #blackinrobotics, passionate about equity and diversity in STEM education.


George Matsumoto

Senior education and research specialist at MBARI. He has a passionate interest in open oceans and deep sea communities.


Colin Brand

Anthropology meets biology. PhD candidate at University at Oregon studying chimpanzees and bonobos.


Mary Phan

Psychology PhD student interested in implementing mindfulness-based interventions with underserved youth in public schools.


NattyScience (Nathan)

Biochemist and streamer in pursuit of a PhD. Studies histones and rages at left-handed DNA helices.


Hezekiah Branch

Researches predictive tumor growth. Interested in AI, education, and cognitive science.


Dr. Annareli Morales

Atmospheric scientist researching the rain/snow transition on mountains.


Dr. Evangeline Rose

Bird song and behavior specialist. Also the cohost of the I'll Take my Science Neat podcast.


Brittanie Dabney

Researcher in aquatic/freshwater ecotoxicological research and water sustainability. Primary interest in microplastics.



Lala is a VR, games, and education researcher. She is also a gamer and certified epic person.


Jess Shanahan

Machine learning and AI expert with plenty of all round knowledge and expertise. Languages!

Enceladosaurus on Twitch and Twitter

Lorenzo Washington

Researches the relationship between plants and symbiotic microbes with a focus on the cell wall in roots.


Oluwapelumi Kareem


Chemist researching dendrimers. Also an awesome YouTube creator!


Alice Chou

PhD student and mantis shrimp expert. Interested in how the mantis shrimp sensing its surroundings and reacts.


Yinan Wang

Fossil, gem, and mineral expert and dealer. Author of the book 50 State Fossils.


Prof. Michael Leczinsky

Runs the makerspace and drone lab at University at Albany. Esports coach and advocate.

Chris Jones

Marine geology, ocean expeditions, and the origins of life.

Chris King

Histologist and microscopy artist. Check out his wonderful images using crystallization and cells.

Instagram @the_masterpiece_inside

Dr. Kimberly Duong

Civil engineer and climate change and sustainability communicator.

Dr. David Trossman

Computational ocean scientist focusing on the ocean's role in climate.

Lauren Haygood

River mussel researcher and advocate for citizen science.


Dr. Morgan Halane

Research on plant immunity, specifically plant pathogen effectors. Co-founder of #blackbotonistsweek


Melissa Scruggs

PhD student that loves sharing the importance of science with others and volcanos. Did I mention volcanoes?


Jennifer Scianna

Science teacher. Working on game development at UWM.


Dr. Tamie Jovanelly

Inspirational speaker researching how peoples connect with water and the importance of global freshwater.


Scott Hebert

Gamification expert and outspoken on the benefit of games in the classroom.


Dr. Matt Bellis

Physics professor at Siena College.


K. Renae Pullen

Expert in childhood science literacy.


Shannon Lundgren

Too many titles to list here. Expert Spanish teacher.


Dr. Geffrey Stopper

Leader of the brewing program at Sacred Heart University.

Mike Szczepanik

Science teacher extraordinaire



All around awesome guy with wonderful insights and passion for scicomm.


Dr. Stan Sessions

Now retired professor of biology at Hartwick College and salamander lover.

Glen Arnold

One of the best "real" science teacher Twitter feeds IMO


Robert Stranahan Jr.

Health teacher and HVCC esports coach.


Dr. Theresa Gaines

Organic chemist and cheese maker.


Gene Gordon

NASA teacher fellow and expert former teacher.


Ryan Haupt

Sloth expert, paleontologist, and podcaster.


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